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IVF treatment costs

IVF Cost

The cost of IVF treatment can be prohibitive for many people. But this need not be so. In the U.S. IVF treatment for a nominal cycle (follicle stimulation, egg collection, fertlization with husband's sperm, and implantation) is usually around $12,000 U.S. Add to this pre-screening steps and consider that the chances of success are generally less than 50% so more than one implantation attempt is often required and the costs mount. And that does not include any additional procedures that may be indicated.

Patients struggling with the cost of IVF have a couple of alternative options they can explore. One option is to purchase an IVF package that covers the costs of multiple cycles of IVF and may even offer a refund if the IVF treatment is unsuccessful. These programs may be particularly attractive to patients with probably low success rate where the need for multiple cycles is very likely. Providers of these packages can often even arrange for IVF treatment financing. More information about IVF packages.

Another alternative to be explored is IVF treatment overseas at one of several medical tourism centers. World class IVF institutes exist in other countries where costs are substantially lower, putting these procedures within reach of many more couples who are having difficulty conceiving. (Click the Treatment Abroad link above for more information on these centers). Here we outline the costs for assisted reproduction procedures at one world class facility outside the U.S. What you should note is that procedures that involve the use of hormonal medications are not significantly cheaper because patent medications are used which come from western pharmaceutical makers at western prices. But the costs for the medical procedures are very low compared to U.S./UK prices, sometimes amazingly so. Take for example the cost of cryogenic embryo storage - only $25 per year!.

Drug/Procedure Approx. Cost (USD)
Ovarian stimulation drugs 2,500 to 4,500
GIFT procedure 1,250
Oocyte recovery & IVF 1,250
Oocyte recovery and ICSI 1,500
Tubal embryo transfer 500
Cervical embryo transfer 350
Blastocyst culture & transfer 350
Assisted hatching 125
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (FISH 5C) 2,000
Embryo freezing 250
Embryo thawing 125
Embryo storage 25 per embryo/year
Semen analysis 30
Sperm preparation (for ART) 50
Sperm preparation (for IUI) 35
Female sperm selection 180
Male sperm selection 180
Frozen donor sperm 50


Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching


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