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IVF treatment abroad

Treatment Abroad

Our first thought when considering any type of medical treatment or procedure is to explore what is available close to home. Unfortunately for residents of many western countries the cost of medical treatment of any kind has spiraled out of control. Most procedures have become so expensive that without medical insurance covering a majority of the cost they are simply out of reach for most people. Add to that the untenable wait times in some countries for even critical life saving procedures and one can understand the compelling reasons for seeking alternatives to traditional medical treatment.

Hence the rise of world class medical centers in overseas locations. In a number of countries where the underlying cost of living is much lower than the west enterprising medical professionals have joined together to establish medical centers that offer world class facilities and care. These centers have the latest and best medical technology and their medical staff have been trained and practiced in the west. But unlike western doctors who are trapped in the untenable situation of medical practice in the west, these foreign born doctors return to their countries where they establish private medical centers that can offer the best available care at a fraction of western prices. And on top of the great medical care these centers offer a level of hospitality than is unseen in the west, not like the harsh, rude and uncaring treatment most people experience when in the care of western hospital staff.

Medical Tourism

The rich and famous have long taken advantage of advanced procedures and special pampering offered by overseas private medical centers. But in recent years there has been major growth in this business and something called "medical tourism" has come into being. Now days it is common for middle class westerners to take a "medical vacation" to some exotic destination where they will undergo some elective procedure while relaxing in new and interesting surroundings. The numbers are impressive, with hundreds of thousands of westerners receiving treatment at medical centers in Thailand, India and the United Arab Emirates. Everything from face lifts to cardiac surgergy to joint replacements are being performed daily.

IVF Overseas

And IVF treatment is no exception. Fertility centers have been established in the major overseas medical hubs and are successfully treating couples using the latest advances in IVF treatment. We highlight here one such center located in Bangkok, Thailand. Jetanin Institute for Assisted Reproduction is a world class fertility clinic located in a modern facility in the center of Bangkok near the international business district, embassies and shopping areas.

Thailand: A Medical Destination

Thailand has an established reputation as a major destination for medical tourism, with world class facilities such as Bumrungrad Hostpital and Bangkok Nursing Home well known to savy travelers world wide. Such facilities have even caught the attention of mainstream media in the west, with the TV news magazine 60 Minutes doing a special piece on Bumrungrad, liking it to a 5 star hotel with a world class hospital attached.

Jetanin Institute

And now world class fertility clinics have become established in Thailand, one of the premier medical tourism destinations in the world. Jetanin Institute provides all forms of fertility treatments performed by doctors trained and practiced in the west, using state-of-the-art facilities and technology. We invite you to learn more about this outstanding fertility clinic by visiting their website a www.jetanin.com and seriously consider IVF treatment in Thailand.


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